Costs at a Glance
Design / Development Fees
Hosting Fees
Domain Name
Upkeep Fees
$25 - $40 / hr
Ranges from $15 - $20 / month for basic plan
Ranges from $25 - $50 / year
$25 - $30 / hr (text / image changes)

Prices for websites vary for each project and depend on the complexity of design and functionality that is desired. Simple sites that incorporate text and images can cost anywhere from $800 to $1000 whereas sites that require complex or multiple page designs and greater levels of interaction such as online forms, dynamic content or payment processing generally involve significantly more time and money to create.

For design and development, we generally bill out between $25 - $40 per hour depending on the type of work that is required.

Other costs to consider for your site are the cost for the domain name (ie. and hosting package for the year. These costs vary greatly depending on which hosting company is providing the services. There may also be upkeep fees to keep the site's content fresh and up to date.

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